Cheatham County is proud to have two very qualified candidates for the 2012 Legislative Race for the 78th district.

Not only do we have two very intelligent, wise  and best qualified candidates. We have two women that are successful and ready to take on the eight Republican candidates all of which are less qualified.

Jane Crisp of Kingston Springs is a lawyer that is respected across Middle Tennessee for her work as a trial lawyer, educator and advocate of social justice.

Linda Hayes is the Mayor of White Bluff, Tennessee and has made that city the 12th fastest growing town percentage wise in Middle Tennessee.

At the Cheatham County Democratic meeting Tuesday night these women not only let us know that they have the Republicans in their sights but that they respect each other and refuse to stoop to the Republican level of mudslinging of each other. Their strategy is to entice Republican voters away from their less qualified candidates to help chose a Democrat Candidate that will win.

As a former candidate I think this is really our chance to win the 78th district of the Democratic Party.  Danny Twork

I think we have two very qualified candidates that we can be proud if either of them wins. Danny Martin

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